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Learn to Play Hockey

Real Speed Hockey Development’s Learn to Skate / Learn to Play Program – Available for ALL beginner level players who wish to try ice skating & hockey for the first time or continue their on ice development. All ages are welcome.

Learn to Skate (Phase 1) – Our Program is broken into 3 Phases, Learn to Skate is structured for the players who are just starting out and lack on ice experience. We teach these players the proper body position and grow their on-ice confidence.

Learn to Play (Phase 2) – Once our players are comfortable on the ice and have the proper balance we progress them to our Learn to Play phase where they will work on their skating stride and edge work. Players will be taught how to take a stride, proper skating position, and how to turn as well use their edges. Players are encouraged to use a stick during this phase as we begin to introduce pucks.

Learn to Play (Phase 3) – This is our most advanced phase of the Program. Players in this phase are progressing well with their skating and are now using sticks and handling pucks. We will continue to work on their skating, but also teach the players the proper fundamentals of stick-handling, passing, and shooting. We also introduce cross ice hockey games during this phase.

After progressing through our 3 phases of Learn to Skate / Learn to Play we offer our Mite Development program.

AGES: 3 & UP


REQUIRED GEAR: Helmet, Gloves, Stick, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads

CONTACT: Brian McGuirk

CALL: 603-893-4448

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