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Top Gun 05s saucin’ up service

To the Top Gun coaches, life lessons through hockey are as equally important as learning to compete. The 05 Top Gun White team is learning both those lessons this season under the direction of Mark Beauchamp.

The Top Gun 05s participate in two major events during the season- Cancer Awareness Day and Operation Care for Troops. The reason why the 05s are so community driven, is by an 05 himself- Jack Beauchamp. He needed community involvement for his National Junior Honor Society. The two causes are incredibly important to Jack as his Aunt Suzanne is a survivor of cancer and his cousin Jack joined the army right after high school. These events not only relate to the Beauchamp family but to many others as well with families in the military or affected by cancer.

These events started last season for the 05s and they are looking forward to their second season of being involved.

Coach Beauchamp tells us exactly what cancer awareness day is about, “it’s an opportunity to raise awareness about cancer and what we can do to help patients and people dedicating their lives to caring for patients and searching for new treatments and ultimately a cure. We talk with the players about doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers, hospice care workers, social workers and so on. We encourage them to think about working hard in school and the possibility that one day they may be in a profession dedicated to the care and treatment of patients.” He continues with hope in his players, “Who knows – maybe a player on this team will someday help find a cure.”

Cancer Awareness day this season is October 13th at the  Salem ICenter. All proceeds from the event goes to the

Tanner Tata Foundation. Last year the team raised nearly $1,000 and they aim to surpass that goal.  On that day, the Top Gun 05 Elites will play the Boston Bandits. The TG Elites will be sporting beautiful Pink jerseys, have a raffle for Bruins Tickets, and hold a post game reception in North Pointe Suites. The event is open to the public and all are encouraged to come support the 05s in their question to crosscheck cancer.

Operation Care For Troops is dedicated to collecting and delivering much needed supplies to our men and women serving in the military. In particular, the Top Gun 05 involvement focused on collecting supplies and stuffing holiday gift packages . Coach Beauchamp says, “It was hard but rewarding work for our players.”*

Coach Beauchamp has one more thing to say about these events, “We want to show the players how their efforts can make a real difference in their community. We find there are common themes between Cancer Awareness Day and Operation Care For Troops that can be taught to the players and are applicable to life as well as hockey – teamwork, sacrifice, courage, determination, and respect.”


*We will do a follow article on this years Operation Care for Troops event